Principal Investigators

Dr. Jason Liu Headshot

Dr. Jason Liu

Principal Investigator

Office: CASE 351
Email: liux at
Phone: 305.348.1625

Dr. Jason Liu (PI) is a University Eminent Scholar Chaired Professor and Interim Director of FIU’s Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS). His research focuses on performance modeling and simulation, and parallel computing. Dr. Liu will oversee the overall success of the project implementation and ensure that domain science applications are facilitated by RAPTOR.  

Dr. Julio E Ibarra Headshot

Dr. Julio Ibarra

Co - Principal Investigator

Office: PC312
Email: julio at
Phone: 305.348.4105

Dr. Julio Ibarra (Co-PI) is Assistant VP for Technology Augmented Research. Dr. Ibarra will assist the PI in the management of the project, and provide coordination between domain scientists, IT practitioners, and external resource providers. 

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera  Headshot

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera

Co - Principal Investigator

Office: AC1 214, AHC5 223
Email: jobeysek at
Phone: 305.919.4119

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera (Co-PI) is the Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center in the Institute of Environment at FIU. He has expertise in climate change and sea level rise, and water resources modeling, planning and management. Dr. Obeysekera will be responsible for applying RAPTOR for the specific domain science applications on RAPTOR.  

Dr. Yuepeng Li

Dr. Yuepeng Li

Co - Principal Investigator

Office: AHC5-243
Email: yuepli at
Phone: 305.348.8369

Dr. Yuepeng Li (Co-PI) is a Research Scientist at the FIU Laboratory for Coastal Research. Dr. Li will assist Co-PI Zhang for developing and running the domain applications on RAPTOR.  

Starting Investigators

Dr. Fahad Saeed (SI) Headshot

Dr. Fahad Saeed

Research Scientist

Office: CASE 318
Email: fsaeed at
Phone: 305.348.3131

Dr. Fahad Saeed (SI) is an Associate Professor in the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences. His research interests include parallel and distributed algorithms and architectures, computational proteomics, genomics, connectomics and big data problems in computational biology and bioinformatics. Dr. Saeed will be responsible for creating and running the mass spectrometry-based omics application on RAPTOR.  

Dr. Fahad Saeed (SI) Headshot

Mike Kirgan

RAPTOR platform Operations

Office: PC 532
Email: michaelk @
Phone: 305.348.

Mike Kirgan (SI) is IT Director of the IRCC, Network Operations Center and Enterprise Systems. He has over 30 years of IT experience and has led the implementation of FIU’s first Identity Management Systems, first virtual server environment, the infrastructure startup efforts for FIU’s ERP, PeopleSoft, and the first centralized computational computing center. Mr. Kirgan will be responsible for the operations of the RAPTOR platform.  

Dr. Vasilka Chergarova

Dr. Vasilka Chergarova

Research Coordinator

Office: PC 307A
Email: vchergar at
Phone: 305.348.4105

Dr. Vasilka Chergarova (SI) is a IT Assistant Director at the FIU Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) and will be responsible for documenting and recruiting students.  

Shawn Watts

Senior Systems Administrator

Office: PC 415A
Email: swatts at
Phone: 305.348.2221

Shawn Watts (SI) is Senior Systems Administrators at IRCC. He will provide technical expertise and help implement the RAPTOR platform. 

Student Interns

Carolina Martinez Headshot

Carolina Martinez

Student Intern

Email: camart at
Phone: 305.348.6486

Carolina Martinez is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. After graduating with her Bachelors, she plans to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. Having worked at FIU since her first semester working in jobs ranging from IT support to Front End Development, she is also involved with Upsilon Pi Epsilon and Women in Computer Science (WICS), often volunteering her time with Girls Who Code. She will begin her fellowship starting in Spring 2022 under the supervision of Dr. Jason Liu. Some of her interests include Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Software Development.